Switzerland attractions- best tours of Swiss Confederation

Rhine falls in Switzerland.
There is no other waterfall in Europe bigger than the Rheinfall.

Mountains and lakes at Zurich, breathtaking glaciers, Alpine climate, hiking, boat trips… Switzerland attractions will never be boring! I will quickly mention the cities I have visited and place I have seen in there. As you may already guess, I’m not a touristic places lover and my goal was to spend some time enjoying the nature.  And discovering interesting cultural issues and traditions of Swiss people. I love the nature so The Swiss National Park became something ,,must visit in Switzerland’. It’s the only one in the country. A place where entire flora and fauna are left to their natural development.  I entered this 67,000-acre wildlife sanctuary and relaxed in silence. I guess visiting National Park Centre Zernez will complete your knowledge of the nature wonders foster park’s national importance in people’s minds.

What to see in Geneva?

Maison Tavel in Switzerland
Maison Tavel is the oldest private dwelling in Geneva. Impressive, isn’t it?

Among Switzerland attractions in Geneva one will find

  • Jardin  Anglais (the English Garden) with pretty impressive Jet d’eau fountain rising more than 130 metres straight up
  • Medieval Old Town
  • Musée International de la Réforme
  • Maison Tavel, the oldest existing house in Geneva
  • 12th-century Cathédrale St. Pierre
  • CERN– European Organisation for Nuclear Research -a laboratory for research into particle physics

I made myself  a Geneva tour. It took my the whole day and I guess I saw a lot as for one day.

What to do in Switzerland?

Amazing things in this beautiful country? I will suggest you some of Switzerland attractions in my personal  opinion. Of course one may find much, much more beautiful spots, lovely landscapes and charming villages. My suggestion is to check those ones on your way and check in every city the local attractions.

Zermatt, one of Switzerland attractionsby night.
Amazing city Zermatt is one of Switzerland attractions. Tell me it’s not amazing.
  • The Matterhorn (Zermatt)-  iconic pointed peak in the mountains on the  Swiss-Italian border
  • Jungfraujoch– The longest glacier in Europe
  • Lake Geneva, Europe’s largest Alpine lake
  • Swiss Grand Canyon– one of the most magnificent and diverse landscapes in the Alps
  •  Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) at Schaffhausen–   the largest falls in Central Europe

I will tell you how my route looked like. I was travelling from Spain, so I started from the West.

Geneva–> Parc Jura vaudois—>

Lozanna—> Bern—>

Basilea—> Zürich—>

Lucerna–> Lugano

Discovering Switzerland attractions and interesting spots

A wooden table with Swiss snacks and wine.
Wouldn’t you like to try all this delicious Swiss snacks and some wine?

I will tell you one more thing: I stayed 3 months in Zermatt in one of the hotels. I needed to gather some money because Switzerland is not a cheap country and I wanted to be able to pay for certain Switzerland attractions I couldn’t resist like The Glacier Express or whitewater rafting in Lütschine. And, of course, to try traditional  Rösti (a potato dish), Raclette (Swiss cheese), Zurchergeschnetzeltes (veal cooked with mushrooms, onions, wine and cream)  or Bűndnernusstorte (caramelised nut-filled pastry) made by locals. I had a lovely friends- seniors and their grandchildren from time to time. Ms. Elina always had something sweet to offer and for me she always prepared traditional dish. To make everything even more tasty we tasted some Swiss wine. Can we also add it to the list of Switzerland attractions?